A reminder!

Just a quick reminder that we’ll be present at the GCR Gala at Loughborough on the 7th October. We hope you can make it for a great day out. Support the GCR and come have a chat with us in the process. We of course humbly welcome all donations and memberships, and we encourage all those out there watching this project to get behind us! Donations and Memberships can be performed through the Trust’s website but forms will also be available at the gala.

The groundwork for the fabrication on our first significant piece of a new George continues behind the scenes. After the gala we expect to commence discussions with suppliers, obtaining quotes for fabrication. Not until we’ve locked in an agreement and the contract is signed off with a supplier will we declare which part of the engine we’re having fabricated (It’s fairly substantial and no, it’s not the name or number plates!). When we do we hope that you’ll be pleased with how your support is beginning to bear fruit and that through your support, together we’ll move forward in the task of building a new George.

I’d love to be able to say more but right now all I can say is friends, watch this space!