Women In Science Day

Today is Women In Science Day.

February 11 is  the ‘International Day of Women and Girls in Science’.

We could say STEAM to us means STEM plus.

S   Science

T   Technology (including IT)

E   Engineering

A   Art

M Mathematics (and maybe marketing as well if that is a science).

We  can say that as a charity we believe in diversity, that we think we have done quite well on BAME, providing work experience to somebody of Asian ethnicity and having somebody with us of African ethnicity for the sandwich year of his mechanical engineering degree.
Our project has also been used in the school context for learning how to produce CAD drawings and a model of the valve gear has been used to teach simulation. We have also done quite well in terms of age, giving a sixteen year old real responsibility.

Our weak area is involving the fifty percent of the population that is female. We have a great range of opportunities that could lead into careers in engineering or elsewhere in science and would  be delighted to help….we would be delighted to help. Please contact Paul in the first instance at: paulhibberd@gmail.com

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