Wash & Brush up for Prince George

It’s March, and time to give Prince George a wash and brush up for display for the the 2024 season at Crewe Heritage Centre. Well, perhaps some gloss paint to make for a more attractive display.  Paint was bought for the job last year but time ran out and Prince George had to be shown at Crewe with just a single coat of black primer, a contrast to the smartly painted and lined left side splasher and lower cab side.  Today (2nd March 2024) Ken Wood of the LNWR Society, a noted painter of heritage vehicles, painted the inside of the upper cab and the outer facers of the cab side, valance and the front buffer beam.  Unskilled support was provided by our Engineer.

Conditions in the unheated hall were hardly the best for painting due to the cold weather (There was a quite nasty sleet storm that morning) but Ken did a great job.  Thank you Ken!

Just this one day required a lot of preparatory work, with two days at Crewe to put the platform in place, plus time for purchasing material as well as many hours in the Engineer’s man-cave working up the raw timbers into a kit of parts for the platform and the safety rails around it.

The cover in the second picture is to protect our frame plates from the weather while Prince George is outside for the next 2-3 weeks,  This is unfortunately necessary because the Hall is booked for two events this month.  No doubt the wash and brush-up will be required once Prince George goes back in the Hall.  It’s not a huge job, volunteers please!

Terry McMenamin


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