A fabrication update

A minor update here.  We thought our readers would like to see some photos of the smokebox wheel, handle and dart nearing completion.


Back from Railfest!

We’re back from Railfest in York and we’re exhilarated and overwhelmed by the enthusiastic response we received there. People of all ages came to chat and many signed the email lists and took donation and subscriber forms.

A highlight of the event for the Trust was undoubtedly the donation of a genuine LNWR steam whistle – a physically small yet symbolically momentous piece of the new locomotive. The voice of our new George will be authentically LNWR! Paul Hibberd, one of the Trustees, was presented with the whistle from Robin Dean in the cab of ‘Hardwicke‘. Robin told us he was given the whistle by someone at Wolverton carriage works some sixty years ago. He said it was from one of the two LNWR 0-6-2 tanks there which had just gone up to Crewe to be scrapped. He had hoped to save one of these engines and the whistle was a consolation gift!

We thank Robin for his generous donation.

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