Summertime Activity

After the frantic activity of getting our exhibit ready for display at Crewe we have been taking stock of our situation and preparing for our next steps. As ever, finance is a major consideration; outgoings connected with preparation for the exhibition including rental, transport, approvals, the unavoidable VAT as well as the actual metalwork are about £30,000.  A big thank you to all our donors and supporters who made it possible to get this far.

We recognise a need to get out and about more, and made a start at the LNWRS open day at Kidderminster Severn Valley Railway on 29th July. A small but enthusiastic audience attended our presentation, and we hope to do more such events.

One big event we will be attending is the Gala Day at Crewe Heritage Centre on 9th September. We be on hand to speak with visitors during the day, and will be holding a couple of open sessions in the old Crewe North signal box. Of course, being children at heart we might well take a ride or too on the live steam railways there as part of the LNWR Society’s annual ‘Steam Up’ event which is being held at the Heritage Centre that day.

At that event we intend to unveil two sponsorship campaigns, one at under £100 per subscription, and and a bigger one for the permanent frame assembly, a big ticket item indeed.

We look forward to seeing more progress over the coming year.


Terry McMenamin

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