Prince George at Crewe Heritage Centre

On Wednesday 28th June we were at Keyte-Smith’s Kirkby-in-Ashfield works to see Prince George winched on to a low loader for the two-hour run to Crewe. Our driver was very conscientious about making all secure. One last measurement was needed: the height of the chimney, which came in at just under 16 feet, so not a problem on main roads.

Once all was secure, it was time for Jamie and partner Paul to say goodbye their creation.

Our driver commented that some of the driving around him left a bit to be desired as drivers were admiring his load rather than the road around them!

Ready to unload

A 4-wheel steer JCB towed our loco off the trailer and into position. It was more than a little difficult to manoeuvre but eventually Prince George was in position.

Please support us & the Crewe Heritage Centre by visiting the exhibition over the next 3 months. See for opening times and directions.

Finally, what we aim to build: ‘George the Fifth’ class No. 2013 ‘Prince George’. From an official LNWR photograph of No. 2663 ‘King George the Fifth’. Stephen Arrandale kindly colourised and photoshopped the original for us.

Please come to see Prince George at Crewe


Terry McMenamin

1st July 2023

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