ORR Requirements

As a project aspiring to main line operation progress on the LNWR George the Fifth has been dominated by uncertainties with regard to ORR requirements which hopefully will shortly be resolved. To this end the LNWR George the Fifth Steam Locomotive Trust is preparing a statement of how it plans to proceed and inviting ORR comments.

Fundraising success means the funds are in place for a number of developments and the latest state of play is as follows:

(a) BOGIE WHEELS. Detailed analysis has shown that the original design (used from 1906 until the 1960s) needs minor adjustment to its spokes profile to conform with the current regime. The interface with the axle may also require further work due to the size of the central boss in relation to the wheel diameter.

(b) COUPLING RODS. Assessment in respect of the forces applicable is close to completion and we could proceed if they were being forged but we would prefer water jetting as a safer process. One issue still requiring clarification is the final finishing process required (it appears that hand finishing as used on Beachy Head’will not be acceptable.

(c) BOILER SHELL. Alan Haigh has been extremely in working from the original drawings and producing an equivalent which complies with modern regulations.Further wor is being undertaen in respect of his 1A proposals which correspond closely with the original scheme (which was a success) and it is hoped that we will be able to go out to tender for the shell later this year.

(d) CHIMNEY AND DOME. The boiler shell will create great visual impact for the project and it is intended to enhance this by production of a chimney and outer dome cover to the original design. These will be removable and suitable for heritage line use only but they will display to maximum effect the original splendid proportions of the locomotive.

Progressing the project with speed requires both engineering and financial inputs. For the engineering CAD experience is particularly welcome and offers of help should in the first instance be communicated to paulhibberd@gmail.com. Financial donations should be sent to LNWR George the Fifth Steam Locomotive Trust at 62 High Street, Buntingford, Herts. SG9 9AH (as we are a Registered Charity gift-aiding is available where applicable by completing the necessary form which we can supply).

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