New Construction and Fundraising Appeal

As chairman of the George the Fifth Trust I am keen to build up a rapport with our supporters.  We have just ordered the right hand lower cab side panel from Keyte Smith, and will shortly contract for assembly of the full cab structure on to the existing fully painted and lined left hand cab side and splasher.  As always, finance is essential. Mindful that many of you will be struggling, we emphasise that we do not expect you to incur hardship to donate.  However, if you can donate, either on your own behalf or for a family member or friend, please consider making a Christmas donation of £50 towards this assembly.  Donors will be invited an event to view the cab and splasher assembly complete with name and number plates in its Midlands store, where there will be a getting-to-know-you session.  This will probably take place early in the New Year.


We are very conscious that many of our existing donors have already given equivalent amounts, and deserve similar opportunities.  Numbers  have to be limited, so a second event will be planned later.


Very shortly we will be seeking tenders for drilling the main frame plates.  Our engineer Terry McMenamin is currently trying to resolve issues with frame attachments that would not be acceptable today, but then it is 112 years since the first loco was built!


This is all part of our build-up to the exhibition at Crewe Heritage Centre in June 2023 to celebrate 180th anniversary of the building of Crewe’s first locomotive, Tamerlane, completed in October 1843.  We hope to display our cab, splasher, running plates all mounted on the main frames, with the front end lined up to match.  For more details see There will be many other attractions, including live steam models of several gauges.  We thank Ken Wood and Crewe Heritage Centre chairman Gordon Heddon for the opportunity to exhibit there.  Make a note for your diary!


We now have a presence on social media, and are working to broaden our fund-raising efforts.

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