Meeting on Saturday

Tool Box partly cleaned

Our open meeting is this coming Saturday, 11th November at 2pm in Crewe Heritage Centre’s former Crewe North signal box.  The gate will be shut, please open it to drive in and close it behind you.  There are facilities to make hot drinks, and possibly if Heritage Centre Volunteers turn up, the maybe a small snack like a toastie.  However the Centre is not otherwise open to the public; so that might not be possible.  We owe thanks to the Heritage Centre for permission to use the facility.

Our LNWR tool box will be arriving on Saturday to use as our store for small items.  It’s got lots of battle wounds from its long life, and unfortunately I painted it in fading light which combined with my lack of painting skills resulted in curtains.  At least it’s cleaned up now, it was a mess as you can see on the left.  At least it’s now clean. as the photograph below.

I’m looking forward to  meeting supporters (and any friends who might like to come) on Saturday, answering your questions and having a good discussion about all things about the George the Fifth, also to show you round the locomotive.  We have some new information about the class relating to George Hughes’s period as CME, which will be part of the presentation.


Hoping to see as many as possible of you on Saturday,.


Terry McMenamin  Engineer

Tool box as repainted

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