Meeting Minutes

Over and above the engineering matters, on which Terry has already so capably reported, we also had quite a thorough discussion on the other matters listed in the agenda.

1. Website progress and comments. We were both impressed with the material from Derek. We both felt it might be helpful to have a page giving details of our suppliers with their logos etc. We also felt that it might be helpful for Derek to be supported by Bruce and Paul re the practicalities of what has been proposed into a fully finished product.

2. Where we want to be as a short term objective.

A It is obviously an imperative to send out a new update on progress to all our supporters. It is obvious important to work out exactly how we are going to do this in the current circumstances (Brian had just been taken ill).

B We need to increase the size of our team. The Steam Railway advertisement for this purpose was discussed and the version previously shown to Bruce was felt to be acceptable (an advert subsequently appeared in the January 2018 ‘Steam Railway’.

C The importance of progressing the boiler barrel to demonstrate tangible progress was particularly appreciated.

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