May Update

It’s been a busy time.  Drawings for the cab footsteps have been checked and approved, and are now with our contractor.  Preparation for the next step forward is underway, with the motion plate and frame stretcher CAD models and drawings being prepared for checking, along with preparation of the Engineering Change justification which records what we have done and why, and is a key element of our approval submission to Ricardo.  A document on fasteners for our project has been out for review to two knowledgeable engineers, one a former railway colleague Alan James and Dave Burrage, a retired JCB engineer and owner of a live steam “Mickey Mouse” class 2. We have had lively debates about nuts and bolts etc!

Our programme to increase engagement with our supporters takes another step forward this weekend an email Newsletter to be sent out over the weekend.  It is the first of a regular quarterly issue.  It has taken a lot of time and effort to set up, and to learn how to use it.  All that is past now, so it should be relatively easy to prepare the next edition.

Tomorrow it’s off to see about getting a contemporary gouache painting of George No. 1777 Widgeon framed for display on our locomotive at Crewe.

Do try and get to Crewe to see our locomotive if you possibly can, check Crewe Heritage Centre’s website for opening times first.

We are going to see some real progress in the coming months.


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