Manufacturing Update

The Middle Bits have now been fabricated.

Running plate for each side from rear of smokebox back to splasher. This gives us a complete running plate from buffer beam to rear of cab for the left hand side of the loco.

One of our supporters is working on a 2mm model of the LNWR George the Fifth based on what can only be the earliest known 2mm model train by Bing. I think it will look super and amazing’ don’t you?

He is making a replica of this set using a modified Lone Star 000 A4 4-6-2 chassis cut down and altered into a 4-4-0 chassis and N Scale pieces, and yes, he will number it No. 2013 and name it Prince George after the replica we are building. So far, he has completed the running-board and front buffer-beam as well as the tender coupling, he has started work on the boiler and the tender will follow.

Our supporter says “So, I wish you the best of luck upon completing the finished locomotive and I may even appear in clothes of the early 1900s right up to 1920 when the locomotive is steamed after completion.”

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