Looking forward to seeing you

Our Open Meeting at Crewe is coming up fast, please come and join us if you possibly can.  It’s on 11th November at 2pm in the old Crewe North signal box in the Crewe Heritage Centre.  There will be a talk with Questions and Answers after, then a walk round the locomotive in the Main Hall.

Our LNWR tool box will be delivered that day having been stripped of the old flaking paint and painted with fresh black gloss paint.  With a sturdy lock on it it will serve as our tool and small materials store for now.

We hope to start setting up our new online Trust document centre in the next few days.  We will be using BOX.com, so we can keep all our records in one place and use its automated routines for authorisation of orders, payments and such like.  It will help us manage the Trust’s business and to be able to demonstrate to the Approvals body that we have followed the rules.  If you think it’s boring stuff, well yes it’s true but necessary.

Now I had better get back to that tool box and give it a coat of undercoat!

Hoping to see you at Crewe

Terry McMenamin


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