Lockdown Update

Hello and welcome to a slightly surreal edition of our newsletter! We hope that you enjoy our update which we hope provides some relief and light fun in the way of a Quiz!

Given the strange circumstances of the majority of us being isolated, we have developed a quiz for to give everyone a break from the obvious. We welcome all to take part with the winner receiving a free mug and pen. Please send completed copies back to the email address at the bottom of the quiz or alternatively print and post them to the address given. The deadline for entry is 17:00 on the 1st May 2020. We hope you enjoy it!

Please find a copy of our Quiz sheet by clicking here

Despite the ‘pause’ we are all experiencing in our daily lives. The build is continuing apace; the boiler is out for consultation to evaluate the design, several parts have been ordered and are in the process of being fabricated, whilst the calculations to satisfy ‘authorities’ for the bogie wheels are almost complete. Our CME Terry will go in to more detail on all of this in the CME’s Office. The Trust is providing Chali Chaligha, an engineering undergraduate from De Montfort University with a practical grounding in railway engineering. Chali has the makings of a first class engineer and the Trust are really happy with his approach and attitude, the Trust is also assist Chali by providing professional training to bolster his growing skill set.

We must also sadly report the passing of Crewe Works No.9 and No.10 shop where the Georges were built. The Trust had been in contact with site owners several times over the years and had been proactively working with them to stage a photo of the built section of the Locomotive in front of the Shops before they were finally torn down. Discussion progressed well with the site owner who then prevaricated preventing the photo to occur before it was all torn down. We were naturally very dissapointed by this but are aware of the value and importance of the houses on such a site.

The Trust is now a recognised beneficiary where Amazon (the online retailer) donates 0.5% of net sales between the various beneficiaries, which is a really exciting prospect for the Trust. We have applied to also be a beneficiary of Vintage Giving’s scheme, this is where people who spring clean donate items which can then be sold to raise funds. Items are welcomed and certainly well received with the Trust please click here for more information on donating items.

Financially, at the present cash is king. The Trust is in  a strong position thanks to your generosity and feels in a strong position to weather the impact of the current situation. It may affect suppliers ability to fulfil orders to time but we continue to liaise with them and work with them to make sure we all get through this situation in as fit and healthy state as possible. As always this is only possible by the kind and generous backing we receive from all of you; our supporters and friends. Your good work is going along way in many different ways; education, supporting small UK businesses and building a lovely Locomotive to boot! We hope you continue to enjoy watching and supporting us along the way.

Ed. If any supporters know the location or own a crystal ball to foresee where we will be as an economy in 8 to 12 months the Trust would gladly like to take a peak!

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