Getting Ready for a Spring Clean




After the long drag of the winter, we need to get No. 2013 spruced up and ready for the second season’s display at Crewe Heritage Centre.  First the locomotive needs to be made fit for a short sojourn outside as there is a weekend exhibition occupying the whole of the Hall.  One vulnerability to our spring weather was the miscellaneous standard bolts we used at the rear end of the frames.  The bolts have to be high tensile  countersunk ones to clear the back flange of the wheels, and withstand the loading.  Unfortunately these are not stock items, and were not available in time for the loco’s delivery to Crewe.  Whatever standard bolts were to hand were used, with large washers covering the countersink of the bolt hole.  This left a cavity under each bolt head which would be liable to moisture ingress and corrosion.  With the expensive proper bolts now on hand, they have now been snugly fitted to eliminate that risk.  There are 22 holes per side, so not a 5-minute job!

The photo is taken from inside the frames at the rear end, showing the temporary structure with the left side main frame bolted behind it. Part of the temporary dolly wheel can be seen under the frame, and the rectangular beam from the centre of the picture to the bottom mid-right carries the weight of the loco on a pivoted axle enabling it to steer.  It would be lovely to order the actual dragbox to replace the temporary structure – all donations gratefully received (it will cost £15-20k)!


To enable painting of the cab we need to make sure our volunteers are safe.  One element of this is the platform in the cab shown below, made as economically as possible with timber from a reclamation yard.  It needs some kick boards and waist-height safety bars before use.  We need to beg, borrow or steal a tower platform to paint the outside of the cab.  Failing that we will hire one!  The left hand side of the loco is partly finish painted and lined, this just needs a wash and shine job.


Come and visit our loco during the exhibition season starting at Easter, or better still become a member and come to our AGM which will be announced shortly and which will include an tour of the locomotive with the opportunity to speak to the team.

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