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There will be further news on the locomotive shortly but a great deal is going on now behind the scenes so that progress to be made.

One area everybody is very conscious of is how rapidly the world is ‘going digital’. This includes communicating our message and fundraising and this is especially so at a time when Covid19 constraints severely impair opportunities for face to face events.

We are therefore delighted to report that via the Digital Lab scheme of the Arts Marketing Association (ultimately funded by Heritage Lottery) we have secured the services of Oliver Edwards for the next year to improve our digital presence. Ollie runs his own digital marketing company (Oliver Edwards Marketing) and combines being a genuine railway enthusiast with a client list in the ‘railway preservation industry’ and a relevant and credible academic background.

Our first virtual meeting took place last Friday (October 9) and highlights our need for two specific volunteers – firstly somebody who would like to produce short (200 word) items with an archive photo related not just to the locos but to the world of the London & North Western Railway and the early LMS more generally and secondly somebody who would like to take responsibility for posting these items on our facebook page. The first role is armchair based and the second requires a few moments of regular time for somebody who is digitally comfortable. If you are either of these people or someone in your family or an acquaintance is please let us know.

We have also formed a link with the digital department of University of Derby which is close to our manufacturing base and are taking part in a project for their students this term.

On the personnel front we are losing for the time being  Chali Chaligha of Leicester de Montford University who has spent the gap year of his mechanical engineering degree with us learning about computers, the characteristics of railway wheels and the paperwork engineers have to produce ‘in the real world’ to seek regulatory approvals for operation on ‘the big railway’.

JWe are also delighted to announce that Bruce Nixon, for many years a lone advocate of the need to recreate LNWR steam and a Trustee of our Trust ab initio until earlier this year has been made President, undoubtedly a well-deserved honour.

Lastly we would like to mention ‘anonymus; who has given us a lump sum donation of £5000 plus gift aid, undoubtedly a firm vote of confidence in us. We do believe that depth of understanding generates depth of feeling for our project and aspire that similar depth of feeling will inspire others to feel the emotion, follow this example and bring the future closer!

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