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Letter From The Chairman

Despite the pandemic 2021 has been a year of very constructive changes within the Trust. In March Terry McMenamin and Tom Mainprize resigned and the Trust thanks them for their past services, which were much appreciated. It has however cleared the decks for a major reorganization as follows: David Costello, Graham Connelan and Alasdair Hibberd […]

Women In Science Day

Today is Women In Science Day. February 11 is  the ‘International Day of Women and Girls in Science’. We could say STEAM to us means STEM plus. S   Science T   Technology (including IT) E   Engineering A   Art M Mathematics (and maybe marketing as well if that is a science). We  can say that as a charity […]

Main Frames Completion

Please refer to the image  below as it provides context  of the manufacturing process  including a human working at his desk screen immediately behind the frames which is how things are done these days. Tata will be profiling and painting these frames before they are delivered to our private CCTV protected North Nottinghamshire base where […]

Main Plates Update

We have just heard from Tata Steel Profiles that our main frames (each over 23 foot long) have been cut and have passed their ultrasound test. They now await profiling and painting before we take delivery which will probably be in about a fortnight’s time.

Main Frame Plates Ordered

We are delighted to bring our supporters the news that the main frame plates for ‘Prince George’ have been ordered from Tata Steel Profiles.  As soon as this week material will be at the Wednesbury plant to await its slot in the production schedule. This marks the start of a programme of work on the […]

Behind The Scenes

There will be further news on the locomotive shortly but a great deal is going on now behind the scenes so that progress to be made. One area everybody is very conscious of is how rapidly the world is ‘going digital’. This includes communicating our message and fundraising and this is especially so at a […]

George Featured in Railway Magazine

“Railway Magazine August issue includes a 6-page article in Practice and Performance covering the exploits of the George the Fifth class, mostly from their early days.  It is well recommended reading for our supporters  “The Trust gets only a passing mention, so we have submitted a letter giving more details of our achievements to date […]