Assembly Continues

Frames and Running Plates Assembled

Having taken delivery of the splasher brackets and the frame outriggers, plus the vital nuts and bolts to hold it all together, we have been able to carry on with assembly of our loco.  The photograph shows the left side running plates looking on the rear outrigger.  Over the next few days we will be fitting the splasher, lower cab panels and smokebox, and finally the cab top.  Our contractor Keyte Smith ltd  are doing a magnificent job for us, overcoming the problems that always arise with late deliveries or errors.

Today or tomorrow we will set the date for the low loader to take our loco to Crewe Heritage Centre.  Visit the exhibition if you possibly can, it is free to enter and will be open at weekends from 1st July through to the end of September.

Mention of free entry reminds me: our contractors’ work for this exhibition is not free of charge, far from it!  We’ve spent heavily for this exhibition and ask that if you can afford even the smallest donation, or increase in an existing donation, please give via the link on this website.

Thank you for all your support, which is what makes this all possible.

Terry McMenamin


22nd June 2023


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