Our AGM almost two weeks ago now.  We had a fruitful meeting, and it was good to involve members in the affairs of the Trust.  Perhaps next year we will have more members and if we can, on-line participation.  After the completion of the very formal official business we had an informal open meeting with a brief introduction on our plans for the immediate future.  Our understanding is that our locomotive will be on display in the Hall from Easter, but that we may not be able to remain in the Heritage Centre for 2025.  The Centre itself has got very big changes in prospect, so there is some uncertainty.  However we would be wise to try and find an alternative low-cost site.   Somewhere close to Crewe Works would be ideal!

Our construction plans are focussed on permanent assembly of the frames.  Taking advantage of recent generous donations, we are considering changing our immediate focus to purchase of the motion plate and frame stretcher.  These are castings, and there will be a fairly long lead time for the three stage manufacture: pattern-making, casting and machining.  During the summer we plan a fund-raising drive to coincide with a major article in the Heritage press.  The hope is that we can exhibit our locomotive during 2025 as we accumulate the rather expensive materials necessary.  At the end of the 2025 season  it is hoped we can dismantle our locomotive and build the permanent frame assembly.

Manufacture has not been entirely forgotten, today I have collected our cab handrails from ACE Stainless Fabrications.  They have welded the top plate and bottom boss to the tubular rail, and as you can see the weld quality is superb.  One would never know that the rail wasn’t machined from solid bar incorporating the big bottom boss.

Cab Rear Handrails - Upper




We expect to order the cab footsteps very shortly, and then to seek quotes for the cast frame members mentioned.

It’s a busy time, and we have to generate all the paperwork for approvals for our planned purchases.

Wishing all our members and supporters a happy Easter, enjoy the Easter egg and if at all possible make a donation to help our big push for frame assembly.

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