Open Meeting 11th November

The day of our Open Meeting, Saturday 11th November was blessed with some nice warm sunshine after a chilly start.  Sadly, the M6 had one of its bad days with a one-hour delay.  Nevertheless a select group assembled in the ground floor room of the old Crewe North Box.  After the usual technical hitches connecting laptop and large screen, the presentation got underway.  We had a very good discussion, touching on frames, cylinders, bearings, the boiler and many other parts of the locomotive.

Afterwards we toured the locomotive with further discussions.  Even our LNWR tool box got a bit of attention, on its first day of duty as our small parts and tool store.

It was good to see the Coal Tank back in the Hall, only a few hundred yards from where it would have been built.

This coming Saturday is the day of the LNWR Society luncheon, which we will be attending.

In a short while we expect to announce our plans for some further work to be carried out on the locomotive.

Christmas is coming, please don’t forget to include a gift for Prince George in your shopping list.

Terry McMenamin



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