Contributed by Stephen Keay, a friend of the Trust

Locomotive lovers and family fun fanatics alike won’t want to miss out on visiting

the Crewe Heritage Centre this summer!


Throughout the summer holidays, it can become difficult to find activities that will be informative, fun, and cost-efficient for families of all shapes and sizes. For those with a keen interest in locomotives, railways, and the history of Crewe, there’s only one place to take the entire family.

Upon arrival you’ll be greeted by Charlie the Eagle,

legendary mascot of Crewe Heritage Centre.

The Crewe Heritage Centre has been an archive of local history since its opening by H.M. Queen Elizabeth II in 1987. The present-day Heritage Centre boasts an impressive list of attractions perfect for a family outing.

Those visiting the centre can expect to see the following attractions; the Exhibition hall with numerous displays, the Harry Watson railway art collection, children’s play centre, steam locomotives, the American HO Gauge layout, 7¼” gauge miniature railway, 5″ gauge railway, signal boxes, special events and exhibits on loan from the National Railway Museum.

Can you guess the smells in the wooden containers? It’s harder than it sounds… and smells!

While visiting, dive deeper into the history of the LNWR and look towards the future with the help of the LNWR George the Fifth Steam Locomotive Trust and their current Prince George Locomotive building project. Breathing new life into an ageing industry, the once-extinct George V Locomotive class is reborn and is currently on display at Crewe Heritage Centre this summer.

The construction of No. 2013 Prince George is an ongoing process with a dedicated team of knowledgeable and passionate volunteers working together to create a truly special locomotive. A locomotive fit for a Prince, the George the Fifth Locomotive has been signed off by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, allowing the use of Prince George’s name to make an incredible endeavour even grander.

                                   The Sturdy & Stylish Smokebox

While on display at Crewe Heritage Centre, the LNWR community welcomes the general public to take up the opportunity to witness the Prince George Locomotive in its current work-in-progress state. For those interested in engaging with the project and becoming friends of the trust, the LNWR George the Fifth Trust is always looking for new members and ways to gather more donations to complete the project.

            The Left Side of Prince George with Name and Number Plates

The left side of the locomotive, complete with Prince George name plate approved by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

In addition to exhibiting the Prince George Locomotive, the Crewe Heritage Centre has many other exciting child-friendly features to experience, such as engineer cosplay, life-size chess games, face painting by Cosmic Faerie, and even free Thomas the Tank Engine books! It’s also worth noting that visitors will receive free admission if they attend the Crewe Heritage Centre on Wednesdays throughout Operation Summer between 10:00 am and 15:00!

      Cosmic Faerie Face Painting – Triceratops Recommended!

For further information on the events and exhibits on display at Crewe Heritage Centre, please, follow the links below:


Crewe Heritage Centre: https://www.crewehc.co.uk/

LNWR George the Fifth Steam Locomotive Trust: https://newprincegeorgesteam.org.uk/

LNWR Society: lnwrs.org.uk

Cosmic Faerie: http://www.cosmicfaerie.com/

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