We aim to update this list annually  George Drawing List FEBRUARY 2018 


Whistle – donated by Robin Dean June 2012. Original item! It came from a tank engine which worked at Wolverton Works.

Twenty foot length of running plate of one side of the locomotive including splasher with nameplate and crest and lower cabside with numberplate all with authentic LNWR livery -.July 2014

Front frames which extend from the front buffer beam to just behind the motion.- Autumn 2014

Front buffer beam.- June 2015

Full smokebox including smokebox door.- Spring 2016

The pattern for the bogie wheels.- May 2016

The forgings for both coupling rods.- October 2017

The casting for the top part of the chimney.- Summer 2017 then cast by early Autumn (and see below)

(High grade steel also required for the high stress parts of the motion)

Chimney and Capuchon delivered – February 23 2018. The base which fits onto the smokebox plus the stem of the chimney has now been mated with the top of the chimney.

14th May 2018 – We took possession of an LNWR loco toolbox (ex A E Grigg of Bletchley MPD) and LNWR design regulator and quadrant. Original items!

11th June – Very fine knobs for the George collected today from Statfold Engineering. They will attach the handrail to the smokebox.

7th July – Lamp sockets.

We are anxious to also proceed asap with the outer shell of the boiler.